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"The future of environmental hygiene & Infection Prevention"

EnviroGuard™ Programme

We provide specialist infection prevention and personnel protection within the built environment, through our EnviroGuard™ Programme, with expertise spanning across corporate, commercial, retail, public facilities and healthcare environments.

The foundation of the EnviroGuard™ programme utilises antimicrobial protection technology to treat both touch surfaces and hands, providing a double protective barrier, eliminating bacteria and viruses

Unlike alcohol-based hand sanitisers and cleaning chemicals, which are only active when initially applied, the EnviroGuard™ Germfree24™ hand sanitiser and Microbe Shield™ keep on working to eliminate germs, providing constant active disinfection and infection protection.

As the first line of defence in cross-contamination and infection, The EnviroGuard™ programme eliminates germs from treated surfaces and hands. Our aim is to protect people everywhere.

The Challenge

The EnviroGuard™ programme can support the safe and responsible return of personnel to the workplace, with full assurance of a safe, clean, sustainably managed environment.

Routes of Infection
Critical Control Points
Sustained Compliance
Psychological Impact of Lockdown
Lack of Building User Data
Behavioural Change

Protecting People Everywhere

The EnviroGuard Programme is founded on the application of a proprietary antimicrobial and treatment process to modify touch surfaces. Designed to provide a permanent barrier, prevent cross contamination and mitigate the risk of infection transmission.

Inanimate environmental surfaces (fomites) are the primary route of transmission to hands. Similarly, hands are the primary cause of contamination of touch surfaces.

EnviroGuard™ eliminates harmful micro-organisms from both surfaces and hands

EnviroGuard Microbe Shield Antimicrobial Transformation

When applied to a surface, the Zoono™ Microbe Shield transforms the surface with a mono-molecular protective layer that permanently bonds to the surface.

These molecules are antimicrobial, silane based polymers that covalently bond to the surface providing a barrier of positively charged microscopic pins formed by the polymer's molecular structure.

Negatively charged microorganisms are attracted to the surface. On contact, the cell walls of the microbes are ruptured with lethal effect.

GermFree Hands

The Germfree24™ hand sanitizer formula contains the same Microbe Shield technology to provide up to 24 hours Germfree hand protection from microbial contamination between regular hand hygiene opportunities.

Dermatologically tested, the Germfree24 hand sanitizer is safe, gentle on skin and remains active after normal hand washing or alcohol hand rub routines.

Six Key Steps towards Protecting People Everywhere

Effective implementation provides complete assurance of protection performance

  • Risk assessment and planning, identifying critical control points and behavioural activity within the workplace
  • Environmental Bio-decontamination to remove surface contaminant and Biofilm
  • Antimicrobial surface treatment
  • Germfree24 antimicrobial hand protection
  • Environmental Cleaning best practice
  • Work zone responsibilities and engagement with staff

These integral steps are part of the EnviroGuard consultation, implementation and audit programme

Absenteeism Case Study

International Insurance Company with a 100-seat call centre


Antimicrobial surface treatment (workstations, equipment, common areas)Supply of the GermFree24 Hand Protectant in wall dispensers.


Independent assessment of historical records by the company HR Department of personnel records.

The HR analysis compared absenteeism due to illness over the three years since implementing the antimicrobial protection programme and compared to prior year's results.

Absenteeism rates declined
  • As high as 50% reduction during the winter period
  • Over 30% against combined 3-year average.

EnviroGuard™ Programme Benefits

The EnviroSmart™ Programme combines environmental and personnel protection technologies within a sustainable programme which can be implemented in any populated environment.

The programme concept is led by an Environmental Infection Prevention Specialist and based on numerous research studies and investigations with validated results. The technology has been validated across a broad spectrum of pathogens including non-enveloped virus with 100+ independent laboratory tests internationally.

The programme protects both individuals and large groups of people, which ultimately helps to minimise disruption to businesses, essential services and social mobility.

The programme provides critical control, measuring compliance and qualitative data, as acts as a high-impact intervention to environmental and personal safety.

The application is as universal as the risk of infection and provides a front-line defence mechanism for all shared environments, helping to prevent disruption to businesses caused by infection.

Ongoing audits of the EnviroSmart™ Programme ensure measurable results, areas for improvement, good practice and compliance.

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