Relocation of 45 staff from Hammersmith to Euston, reconfiguration of existing staff, furniture and IT at the destination site.


Client Requirement

CPLG are a sister company to WildBrain Spark. They were in an office in Hammersmith which was no longer suitable, so they needed to move in with their sister company in their offices in Euston.

The move was complicated by coinciding with the Covid19 Pandemic, which meant that the planning had to be completed in isolation.  The construction phase was also impacted, but we used our close working relationship with the Building Contractor to formulate a plan that delivered the client’s expectations to schedule.

Works Completed By Nexus

  • Move planning
  • Approximately 45 staff from CPLG.
  • Desktop decom/recom of 45 desktop IT units, all 2-3 monitors per person (most 2) all on arms (clamped), all laptops and docking stations except 1 x Mac.
  • Printer x 1 and Franking machine x 1
  • Manikins and Large stuffed toys
  • Pre-packed stock crates x 100
  • another 30 packed stock boxes
  • Reconfiguration of existing furniture at Wildbrain Spark
  • Relocation of approximately 40 staff within Wildbrain Spark
  • Recycling of unwanted furniture from Wildbrain Spark
  • Return from store and hanging approximately 100 x framed YouTube award plaques


Client Testimonial

“Your guys were amazing. Thank you. I felt very looked after.”

Amanda Lightfoot,

Office Manager and Executive Assistant