Client Objectives

  • Relocation of office from Portland House, Bressenden Place, Victoria, to serviced offices in Kingdom Street, London
  • Works to be completed out of office hours
  • Relocation of some furniture
  • Disposal of unwanted furniture
  • Relocation of 42x Desktop IT, including laptop docking stations & monitor arms
  • Relocation of Server Cabinet to Storage facility


Works completed by Nexus

  • Move plan for relocation provided by Nexus
  • Crew and vehicles provided to complete relocation of all items
  • Dismantling of furniture as required
  • Provision of standard and IT crates to move IT kit and smaller items
  • IT Crew provided for IT decommissioning and recommissioning, including Server
  • Disposal crew provided to complete recycling of unwanted furniture
  • Provision of additional cardboard cartons as requested by the client
  • Relocation works completed over one weekend
  • Recycling works completed during standard weekday hours
  • Additional crew provided for relocation of Server Cabinet from 7th Floor Portland House, London to Reading storage facility, including provision of an electrician