Office relocation from 1st Floor, 17 Willow Street to 3rd Floor, 19 Willow Street

Client Testimonial

Hi Andy – All seemed to go well, the guys did a great job! …



Hamish Allen, Director of Technical

Client Objectives

  • Relocation of 17 Willow Street to next door office, 19 Willow Street
  • Due to Covid-19 it was decided to relocate items out of the 17 Will Street office as the lease expires in May 2020. There was concern that if lockdown is increased, it could prove difficult to retrieve furniture at a later date, closer to the expiry of the lease
  • Works to be completed in office hours
  • Staircase only at 17 Willow Street, small lift and staircase at 19 Willow Street
  • IT relocation of 17x workstations including dual monitors and arms
  • Relocation of office furniture, including water cooler and drinks fridge

Works completed by Nexus

  • Move plan for relocation provided by Nexus
  • Decommissioning of IT equipment
  • Packing of IT kit ready for relocation
  • Crew provided to complete relocation of all items
  • All crew had to adhere to social distancing measures
  • All items had to be moved down the stairs at 17 Willow Street as no lift was available
  • Some items needed to be taken up the stairs at number 19 due to the small lift