A children’s nursery has been given a free deep-clean and sterilization as we launch our new partnership with BioDecon.

In line with our ethos of giving back to the community and focusing on our social value, we visited Tiny Talents nursery in Willenhall, West Midlands to provide a complimentary deep clean, assisting staff and key workers whose children are being looked after at the site.

This is one of a number of selected complimentary services we will be offering in a bid to give back to those who are doing so much to help the wider community during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Nexus has now teamed up with York-based BioDecon to create a unique deep cleaning and sterilisation service which can be utilised throughout the UK.

We believe that our system, which uses patented technology to completely inactivate MERS and SARS-like viruses including the Coronavirus (CoViD-19), will assist many businesses as the country looks to a future post-outbreak.

This approach means that offices and other workplaces can be deep cleaned and sterilized without any equipment being damaged, with no need for a wipe down afterwards as no residue is left.

The Nexus BioDecon deep clean is suitable for not only educational settings but also office spaces, construction site offices and other spaces that are in constant use. 

The partnership has created an initial 25 jobs, with that figure rising in line with demand, which we are already experiencing.

Jot Engelbrecht, Managing Director at Nexus, said: “We are proud to be launching this service with a number of selected complimentary deep cleans to organisations that contribute to their community and are close to our heart.

“On a wider scale, staff across the country are going to want to feel safe when they return to work and this is one contribution in achieving that.

“The system is proving popular because it offers a very short downtime before the cleaned space can be reused.

This service will be key in ensuring hospitals, nurseries and more can confidently operate continuously going forward.

“The same goes for key infrastructure projects that our group, consisting of Fortel, Sky Blue and Nexus, know well.”

L/R Technician Harry McMillan, with Jot Engelbrecht (Nexus) and Andy McMillan (BioDecon)