Thousands of people are likely to be working from home for the first time this week due to the coronavirus outbreak. But sometimes it’s not as easy as just taking the laptop home.

Nexus has already assisted many companies in getting their staff set up to work from home.

We send our teams consisting of a vehicle and driver along with an IT engineer to your office to collect the necessary equipment for each user. We work out a route to service all the required users and make a plan based on everyone’s needs.

We provide our client with a planned schedule based on pre-agreed times. All equipment is decommissioned, wrapped with anti-static bubble wrap and packed into crates before being loaded into the vehicles ready for delivery.

When leaving the office, our teams check their ETA on google maps, and we send a text message to your first contact confirming the team’s ETA.

On arrival, we unload the crates and recommission the equipment as per the user’s instructions.

The typical installation for the clients we have supported to date is as follows:

–        PCs and monitors set up to agreed specification

–        Connect power and video cables.

–        Connect keyboard and mouse.

–        Connect the Network cable to the user’s home network (max 10m away).

–        Check that the keyboard and mouse work.

–        Check that the network is live.

–        Confirm the user is happy with the setup via a signed job sheet.

–     Take photo of the desk (ensuring no personal data is on display on the desk or the screens)

–        Check ETA to next destination and text following user.


We have a team offering remote IT support in the event of any IT Issues

Please contact us via email or call 07515 261058 or 07527292175 to request a free, no-obligation quote with your home working setup