Closing their office and relocating the contents to our store, with distribution of some items to staff addresses.

Client Requirement

Closed Loop Medicine had a small office, which became unusable due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  So, to save costs, and to enhance their capability to work remotely, they asked us to decant it to our store for the duration and distribute some items to their staff directly at their homes.  When the lockdown was extended, we took additional items out of our warehouse to distribute to their staff again.  Their remaining storage arrangements will be extended to fit the duration of the pandemic, and once they have identified a suitable new office, Nexus will assist them to occupy it.

Works Completed By Nexus

  • Move planning
  • Supplied packaging materials
  • Packed desktop IT equipment
  • Moved all items to store
  • Provided delivery service to 7 domestic addresses initially
  • Later provided delivery service to a further 7 domestic addresses.

Client Testimonial

All went to plan – thank you so much for organising!


Ann-Marie Canavan

Office Manager & EA to the CLM team